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    The Optimized Care Network partners with

    The Ohio State University College of Nursing to expand Digital Health Care education

    CEO, Clinical Lead, and Nurse Clinicians speak on value of a digital health partnership with the Ohio State University, College of Nursing


    (Columbus, Ohio) January 26, 2016 The Optimized Care Network (OCN) will collaborate with The Ohio State University College of Nursing to introduce innovation that expands the role of nurses as care coordinators and advanced practice nurses as healthcare providers delivering telehealth, especially for people with multiple chronic conditions. The mission of the partnership is to expand access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. The Ohio State College of Nursing is one of the first known nursing college to formally incorporate a digital platform into their curriculum.


    Brian Slusser, CEO of OCN, stated, “We’re excited to work with The Ohio State University College of Nursing to help them revolutionize nursing education. We are honored that our solution will play a part in expanding the role nurses play to further eliminate gaps in care and improve the overall healthcare landscape.”


    Nurse Practitioner based primary care platforms have expanded in the last 15 years, to over 1,900 clinics operating in the U.S. Nurse Practitioner based retail clinics provided more than 35 million patient visits during this period. The need for convenient, quality care is expected to grow. Clinicians in this setting, including nurse practitioners and RNs, can offer services ranging from primary, preventative care to management of many chronic illnesses.


    OCN and OSU College of Nursing staff are anticipating a successful launch and integration of digital health care into the curriculum and the impact it will have on the future of health care.


    Here is what they have to say about the partnership:


    Bernadette Melnyk, PhD, RN, CPNP/PMHNP, FNAP, FAAN, Dean of the College of Nursing and Chief Wellness Officer, The Ohio State University, “We are thrilled to partner with OCN to incorporate this terrific technology into our innovative curricula. Having a CareSpace right in our college provides a groundbreaking opportunity for our students to learn to practice top-notch, evidence-based healthcare through a digital platform that facilitates patient-centered care.’



    Erin McCaffrey Crespo, FNP-BC, VP of Clinical Optimization of OCN, “This model allows advanced practice nurses to expand access to care to patients who might otherwise have difficulty obtaining healthcare, whether due to transportation, mobility, or scheduling limitations, or a variety of other factors.


    Offering clinicians the opportunity to work remotely and on non-traditional schedules while maintaining an efficient and complex clinical practice serves as a powerful recruitment and retention tool for healthcare organizations.


    The presence of a registered nurse during outpatient encounters offers a unique opportunity for patients to build therapeutic relationships and partner fully with the healthcare team in their care.


    Our partnership with OSU illustrates the increasing importance of innovation, technology, and creative solutions in healthcare while maintaining focus on what nurses have traditionally excelled at: providing holistic, evidence based care to patients and their families.”


    Michalene Gompf-Oates, RN, Care Coordinator Lead, “Giving students the ability to learn in a high tech, high touch environment will help to better prepare them for the ever-changing world of digital healthcare, which is upon us. By teaching and incorporating telehealth into the classroom, The Ohio State University College of Nursing will be on the cutting edge of preparing tomorrow’s clinicians for the ever changing world of digital healthcare.”


    Pat Slusser, RN, Care Coordinator Facilitator of OCN, “We find it inspiring that The Ohio State University is investing in teaching patient-centered digital health care. The OCN platform, where the patient is in the center of the interaction, is an invaluable tool for delivering personalized care.”



    Michael C. Eicher, Senior Vice President for Advancement, President of The Ohio State University Foundation, "Your equipment and technology elevates the quality of our programs and enhances the educational experiences of our students.Optimized Care Network's support of our future nurses helps ensure they will find success in their academic pursuits and professional careers."



    For more information visit.nursing.osu.edu


    About the Ohio State College of Nursing:

    The Ohio State University College of Nursing is the world’s preeminent college known for accomplishing what is considered impossible through its transformational leadership and innovation in nursing and health, evidence-based practice and unsurpassed wellness. As part of the largest health science campus in the U.S., the College of Nursing offers seven innovative academic programs. The college’s graduate nursing programs are among the top 5% in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report, while its online graduate program is ranked 4th and its RN to BSN program is ranked 7th as part of Ohio State’s ranking for online bachelor’s degree programs. Annual college enrollment is approximately 1,950 students. The college celebrated its centennial in 2014.




    About the Optimized Care Network:

    The Optimized Care Network (OCN) is a leading provider of digital health care that merges high tech with high touch. OCN's one-of-a-kind technology enables medical providers to digitally connect with patients in a life-like manner that is changing the delivery of medicine via non-traditional sites of care. Their highly equipped digital exam room, which includes a specially trained nurse, is the 21st century model for digital healthcare with a personal touch. For more information: http://www.optimizedcare.net/#press

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OptimizedCareNetwork

    Twitter: @OptimizedCare

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/optimized-care-network

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